Abusive DaddyOFive YouTube Parents Finally Get Sentenced — But Did They Get Off Too Light??

This… actually may be on the lenient side, considering.

Michael and Heather Martin, the parents behind the DaddyOFive YouTube channel, were sentenced on Monday to five years probation after pleading guilty to two counts each of child neglect, according to The Baltimore Sun.

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The couple infamously “pranked” 10-year-old Cody and 11-year-old Emma, Michael’s children from another relationship, by smashing things and screaming at them until they cried or ran away.

What they did was no different from real emotional abuse, whether they were kidding or not; and frankly the fact they were consciously doing it for views makes it even more disgusting.

While they will serve no jail time for their crimes, the real result of their sentence is that Michael and Heather will not be allowed to contact Cody or Emma, or their biological mother, Rose Hall, without the court’s permission.

So at least that’s something.

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But Hall is disappointed in the sentence, and we can’t say we blame her. What these so-called parents did, terrorizing their kids then saying they were kidding, over and over in hundreds of videos, likely caused severe psychological damage.

Don’t forget, Michael and Heather have three other children together.

Despite what everyone else might think, the Martins’ lawyer says he plans to file to dismiss or reduce the sentence as the couple have learned their lesson.

What do YOU think of the sentence??

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