Kim Kardashian’s Choice To Fire Assistant Stephanie Shepherd Was Merely A Business Decision, Not A Personal One!

There are no hard feelings between Kim Kardashian West and Stephanie Shepherd.

As we previously reported, the KUWTK star gave her longtime assistant the boot in September after she poorly transitioned from being an executive assistant to the Chief Operating Officer of Kim’s brands. While Stephanie was eager for more professional opportunities, she sadly wasn’t the right fit for the executive position.

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Thus, KKW was forced to fire Shepherd from her team. Now, although rumors claim Kim and Steph “aren’t really speaking” following the firing, TMZ is reporting that the pair have actually remained very close. Reportedly, Keeks and Steph came to a MUTUAL decision that the new position wasn’t working out and they BOTH decided to professionally part ways. HUH.

This was simply a business decision and had NOTHING to do with how Kim feels about Stephanie. In fact, Shepherd recently attended Kim’s birthday party.

Apparently, Kardashian’s brand is expanding rapidly and she’s trying to have the best possible employees at her disposal. Per the report, Kanye West‘s wife has recently hired a longtime pal (who is a marketing/PR guru) to handle her brand AND a beauty PR powerhouse.

Looks like Kimmie is eyeing that mogul title! Clearly, there’s no time for friendship when you’re busy building an empire…

[Image via Stephanie Shepherd/Instagram.]

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