James Franco Wrote About Meeting ‘Young Girls’ For Sex In Creepy 2013 Book…

The world seems torn on James Franco at the moment.

On the one hand, he’s a brilliant actor who seems to have matured before our eyes and is getting rightful acclaim for his work directing and starring in The Disaster Artist.

On the other, a LOT of young women in Hollywood are talking about what a sleaze he’s been, with five telling The Los Angeles Times the actor engaged in inappropriate or exploitative behavior while on set or in acting classes.

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While the Golden Globe winner is so far denying any of the accusations are “accurate” he did talk about what could be seen as predatory behavior once — in his book Actors Anonymous.

The 2013 novel gives fictitious accounts of actors’ lives in Hollywood. But given the recent news people couldn’t help but read into some telling excerpts — told in first person — about a movie star’s sex life with “young girls.”

Franco wrote (below):

“One of my favorite approaches was to ask young girls that requested to take a photo with me to email me a copy of the photo; that way I can give them my info very quickly in front of a crowd of fans and later work out a way to see them. Usually this happens at an event, which means I am usually away from home, so I have girls all over the world. Usually they are ready when I go back to that city, whether it is Rome, Portland, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Asheville, or D.C.”

This is all meant to be in character, not autobiographical.

But the photo method does bear a striking resemblance to that story of meeting and accidentally corresponding with an underage Scottish girl that the actor embarrassingly admitted to nearly four years back.


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Franco — or sorry, this one character — goes on to describe one such meeting with an “okay-looking” girl whom he didn’t have time to ask out when he first met her in Toronto.

But after she emailed him the photo, they started communicating until eventually hooking up:

“In the intervening months she had sent me plenty of photos of her body and especially her ass bent over in a G-string, so when she arrived at my Lower East Side apartment, I was ready and she was ready. Not only did she allow me to do everything I wanted to her, she let me film it on my phone.”

Other lines of note?

“I had something going on with most of my female costars and worked up a routine so that I could see someone every night.”


“Lots of actors like to screw the extras. It’s pretty easy.”


“You can usually score with your acting partner after the first make-out scene.”

and from the book’s preface, presumably writing as the real James Franco…

“Acting teachers are fucked up. They are unlike any other teachers because they deal with their students’ emotions and bodies.”

We’d hate to set a precedent of judging people by their fiction — goodness knows no one thinks George R.R. Martin is running around setting people on fire with a dragon — but considering women came forward with complaints about Franco in his role as an acting teacher, this is not a good look.

What do YOU think about these excerpts??

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