Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Are Head Over Heels In Love — But Their Friends Sure Sound A Bit Less Enthused…

Their friends will always be there to support Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson… but apparently they’re “a bit concerned” about the speed of the new couple’s engagement all the same!

A report out in ET this week suggests that friends of both Ariana and Pete are concerned about the whirlwind romance and whether it’s truly for real — and while everybody is apparently VERY happy for the pair, there’s nevertheless a little bit of skepticism about the couple’s staying power.

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A source speaking about Ariana’s friends, specifically, noted the following about the singer’s propensity to fall into a decision like this so quickly (below):

“Ariana gets so excited about an idea and so set on making it happen that she doesn’t always think it through. We of course want her to be happy, but this was a very quick lifetime decision. It’s a little worrisome and we fear it was so spontaneous it might not last. One thing is for sure, Peter does look very much in love, and while they are young, they are certainly old enough to make this decision on their own.”

Spoken like a very mature person!!!

And while that source (Friend? Frenemy?) was quick to note the pair is “definitely head over heels” for each other right now, they also added (below):

“Ariana and Pete have so much in common it’s doesn’t surprise all their friends. They’ve both been through so much and are able to share openly what they have faced and support each other with understanding. Ariana and Pete are both passionate and impulsive and fell head over heels for each other. They didn’t hesitate to share their love and their commitment for one another with their friends and with fans on social media. Peter is an old soul and always has known what he wants, so some friends aren’t at all surprised this happened so fast.”


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Other sources note that — just like we hypothesized yesterday evening — Ariana and Pete have quite a bit of stuff in common (below):

“They are both so passionate and swing back and forth from strong, loving moments to heated arguments … Peter is the sweetest person in the world and he is just dealing with a lot psychological challenges. Ariana feels right now she can relate to his pain and that they have connected on many levels.”


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Still, though, we can’t help but wonder if this relationship doesn’t sound like it’s all going to blow up eventually — especially considering this quote coming from another source close to the mercurial couple (below):

“The combination of a girl who is yearning to be loved and mixing it with a guy like Pete creates this intense relationship that is moving a million miles a minute. For both of them, this relationship is heaven compared to their past relationships and they’re just clinging to that heaven and thrilled about it.”

Hmmm… that sounds… like… something?

Warning signs here?? Or just crazy, passionate, adorable love?!

Let us know what you think in the comments (below) Perezcious readers!!

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