Mother Allegedly Puts Newborn In Trash Bag Under Floorboard After Giving Birth In A Car

A 21-year-old woman from South Carolina allegedly gave birth in a car last Friday, and put the now-deceased baby in the floorboard after putting it in a trash bag.

According to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department via People, after Brennan Hailey Geller (pictured above) was treated for blood loss at the hospital on Sunday, authorities became aware of what happened.

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On Monday, the suspect was arrested, and charged with homicide by child abuse.

Sheriff Jay Koon said in a news release:

“The medical team caring for Geller told investigators she never told them the baby was in her car.”

However, authorities found the infant in her car hours later.

Geller is also being accused of failing to give the baby medical aid.

She is currently being held at the Lexington County Detention Center while she awaits a bond hearing. She has not entered a plea, and it is unclear if she has retained an attorney.

[Image via Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.]

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